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Gold Nessel

Namen: To put a Licht upon their practice, the Ärzte call an herb which country people vulgarly know by the name of dead nettle, archangel; whether they Geschmack more of Aberglaube or Torheit, I leave to the judicious reader. There is more curiosity than courtesy to my countrymen used by others in the explanation as well of the names, as description of this so well known herb; which that I may nicht also be guilty of, take this short description first, of the red archangel.
This has divers square Stengel somewhat hairy, at the Gelenke whereof grow two sad grün Blätter eingebeult about the edges, opposite to one another to the lowermost upon long foot Stengel, but without any toward the tops, which are somewhat round, yet pointed, and a little zerknittert and hairy; round about the upper Gelenke, where the Blätter grow thick, are sundry aufgesperrt Blüten of a pale rötlich colour; after which come the Samen three or four in a husk. The Wurzel is smaller and thready, perishing every year, the whole Pflanze hath a strong Duft, but nicht stinking.

White archangel hath divers square Stengel, none standing straight upward, but bending downward, whereon stand two Blätter at a Gelenk, larger and more pointed than the other, eingebeult about the edges, and grüner also, more like unto nettle Blätter, but nicht stinking, yet hairy. At the Gelenke, with the Blätter stand larger and more open aufgesperrt white Blüten, Hülsen round about the Stengel, but nicht with such a bush of Blätter and Blüten set in the top, as is on the other, wherein stand small roundish black Samen, the Wurzel is white, with many strings at it, nicht growing downward but lying under the upper crust of the earth, and abideth many years, increasing, this hath nicht so strong a Duft as the former.

Yellow archangel is like the white in the Stengel and Blätter, but that the Stengel are more straight and aufrecht, and the Gelenke with Blätter are farther auseinander, having longer Blätter than the former, and the Blüten a little larger and more aufgesperrt, of a fair yellow colour in most, in some paler. The Wurzeln are like white, only they kriechen nicht so much under ground.

They grow almost in very way (widersprechen it be in the middle of the street), the yellow most usually in the wet grounds of woods, and manchmal in the drier, in divers Regionen of this nation.

They Blüte from the beginning of the spring all the summer long.

Vorzüge and use. The archangels are somewhat hot and drier than the stechenden Nesseln, and used with better success for the stopping and hardness of the Milz than they, by using the Dekokt (Abkochung) of the herb in wine, and afterwards applying the herb hot into the region of the Milz as a plaister, or the Dekokt (Abkochung) with spunges. Blüten of the white archangel are aufbewahrte or conserved to be used to stay the whites, and the Blüten of the red to stay the reds in women. It makes the head fröhlich, drives away melancholy, quickens the spirits, is good gegen quartan Schüttelfrost, stancheth bluten at Mund and nose, if it be stamped and applied to the Nacken, the herb also zerquetscht, and with some salt and Essig, and hog-Fett, gelegt auf an hard Tumor or swelling, or that vulgarly called the kings evil, do help to auflösen or discuss them, and being in like manner applied, doth much lindern the Schmerzen, and give ease to the Gicht, Ischias, and other Schmerzen of the Gelenke and Sehnen. It is also very wirkungsvoll to heal grüne Wunden, and old Geschwüre, also to stay their quälen, nagen and ausbreiten. It draws forth Splitter, and such like things gotten into the flesh, and is very good gegen Quetschungen and Verbrennungen. But the yellow archangel is most empfohlen for old, schmutzig, corrupt Wunden and Geschwüre, yea, although they grow to be hohl, and to auflösen Tumore.