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asparagus officinalis

It riseth up at first with divers white and grün scaly heads, very brittle and easy to break while they are young, which afterwards rise up in very long and schlank grün Stengel, of the bigness of an ordinary riding wand, at the bottom of most, or bigger or lesser, as the Wurzeln are of growth, on which are set divers Zweige of grün Blätter shorter and smaller than fennel to the top, at the Gelenke whereof come forth small yellowish Blüten, which turn into round Beeren, grün at first, and of an excellent red colour when they are ripe, shewing like bead or coral, wherein are contained exceeding hard black Samen, the Wurzeln are dispersed from a spongeous head into many long thick, and round strings, wherein is sucked much nourishment out of the ground, and increaseth plentifully thereby.