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Geum herbanum

Called also Colewort, and Herbbonet.
The ordinary avens hath many long, rough, dark, grün winged Blätter, rising from the Wurzel, every one made of many Blätter set on each side of the middle rib, the largest three thereof grow am Ende, and are snipped, or eingebeult round about the edges, the other being small pieces, manchmal two and manchmal four, standing on each side of the middle rib underneath them. Among which do rise up divers rough or hairy Stengel about two feet high, branching forth with Blätter at every Gelenk nicht so long as those below, but almost as much cut in on the edges, some into three parts, some into more. On the tops of the Zweige stand small, pale, yellow Blüten, consisting of five Blätter, like the Blüten of cinquefoil, but larger, in the middle whereof stand a small grün herb, which when the Blüte is fallen, groweth to be round, being made of many long grünish purple Samen (like grains) which will stick upon your clothes. The Wurzel consists of many brownish strings or Fasern, smelling somewhat like unto cloves, especially those which grow in the higher, hotter, and drier grounds, and in free and clear air.

They grow wild in many places under hedges sides, and by the path-ways in fields, yet they rather delight to grow in shadowy than sunny places.

They Blüte in May and June for the most part, and their Samen is ripe in July at the farthest.

Es wird regiert von Jupiter, and that gives hopes of a wholesome healthful herb. It is good for the Beschwerden of the chest or Brust, for Schmerzen, and stiches in the side, and to vertreiben rohen and raw humours from the Bauch and Magen, by the süß Geschmack and warming quality. It löst auf the inward geronnenes Blut happening by falls or Quetschungen, and the speien of blood, if the Wurzeln, either grün or dry, be gekocht in wine and drank, as also all manner of inward Wunden or outward, if washed or bathed therewith. The Dekokt (Abkochung) also being drank, comforts the heart, and strengtheneth the Magen and a cold brain, and therefore is good in the spring-time to open Behinderungen of the Leber, and helps the wind cholic, it also helps those that have fluxes, or are bursten, or have a rupture, it takes away spots or marks in the face, being washed therewith. The Saft of the fresh Wurzel, or powder of the dried Wurzel, hath the same Wirkung with the Dekokt (Abkochung). The Wurzel in the spring time eingeweicht in wine, give it delicate Geschmack and taste, and being drank fasting every morning, stärkt the heart, and is a good Schutzmittel gegen the plague, or any other poison. It hilft Verdauung, and warmeth a cold Magen, and openeth Behinderungen of the Leber and Milz.

It is very safe, you need have no dose prescribed, and is very fit to be kept in every bodys house.