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Azalea floribunda

Trailing Azalea has long ausbreiten Wurzel, geteilt into many parts, and ausgestattet with zahlreich Fasern ausbreiten every way in the ground. The Stengel are hölzern and covered with a dark coloured rind, tough, thin, and four or five inches long, manchmal much more. The Blätter are very zahlreich and very small, schlank, and sharp-pointed. The Blüten grow an der Spitze of the Zweige, two, three, or more together, they are of a beautiful red.
It is usually found in woods and black exposures.

It Blüten in July.

It is a Pflanze of Merkur, and has a pleasing aromatic smell, ähneln that of lemons, and is cordial and strengthening. It comforts the head and Magen, removes Herzklopfen of the heart, helps the Schwindel, or Schwindelgefühl and swimmings in the head, and is greatly gepriesen by many, as a specific in nervous and hypochondrical disorders.