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Berberis vulgaris

The Busch is so well known by every boy or girl that hath but attained to the age of seven years, that it needs no

Mars owns the Busch, and presents it to the use of my countrymen to reinigen their bodies of choler. The inner rind of the Barberry-tree gekocht in white wine, and a quarter of a halben Liter drank each morning, is an excellent Heilmittel to reinigen the body of choleric humours, and free it from such Beschwerden as choler causes, such as Wundschorf, Juckreiz, tetters, ring-Würmer, Gelbsucht, Schwellungen, &c. It is excellent for hot Schüttelfrost, Verbrennungen, scaldings, heat of the blood, heat of the Leber, bloody flux, for the Beeren are as good as the Rinde, and more pleasing, they get a man a good Magen zu seinem Gegessenen, by strengthening the attractive faculty which is under Mars. The hair washed with the lie made of ashes of the tree and water, will make it turn yellow, viz . of Mars own colour. The Frucht and rind of the Busch, the Blüten of broom and of heath, or furz, reinigen the body of choler by Sympathie, as the Blüten, Blätter, and Rinde of the Pfirsich tree do by Antipathie, because these are under Mars, that under Venus.