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The continual usefulness hereof hath made all in general so acquainted herewith, that it is altogether needless to describe it, several kinds hereof plentifully growing, being yearly sown in this land. The Vorzüge thereof take as followeth.
It is a bemerkenswerte Pflanze of Saturn: if you view beständig its Wirkungen by Sympathie and Antipathie, you may easily wahrnehmen a reason of them, as also why barley bread is so ungesund for melancholy people. Barley, in all the parts and compositions thereof (widersprechend) is more cooling than wheat, and a little cleansing: and all the Vorbereitungen thereof, as barley-water and other things made thereof do give great nourishment to persons troubled with fevers, Schüttelfrost, and heats in the Magen. A Packung made of barley meal or flour gekocht in Essig and honey, and a few dry figs put into them, auflösen all hard impostumes, and assuageth Entzündungen, being thereto applied. And being gekocht with melilot and Kamille Blüten, and some Leinsamen, Bockshornklee, and rue in powder, and applied warm, it easeth Schmerzen in the side and Magen, and windiness of the Milz. The meal of barley and Wegerich gekocht in water, and made a Packung with honey and oil of lilies applied warm, heilt swellings under the ears, throat, neck, and such like, and a plaister made thereof with tar, wax, and oil, hilft the kings evil in the throat: gekocht with sharp Essig into a Packung, and laid on hot, hilft the leprosy: being gekocht in red wine with Granatapfel rinds and Myrte, stoppt the lask, or other flux of the Bauch: gekocht with Essig and quince, it easeth the Schmerzen of the Gicht, barley flour, white salt, honey, and Essig mingled together, takes away the Juckreiz speedily and certainly. The water distilled from the grün barley in the end of May, is very good for those that have defluctions of humours fallen into their eyes, and easeth the pain, being dropped into them, or white bread eingeweicht therein, and bound on the eyes, doth the same.