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Iris pseudacorus

This iris, that wächst so common in ditches and watery places, bears Blätter like the common Blüte de luce, only somewhat longer and narrower, the Stengel rises higher, on the top of which grow three of four Blüten, one above another,blühen gradually in shape like an ordinary Blüte de luce, only that they want the aufrecht Blätter, instead of which they have only small pieces of Blätter in their places. The Blüten are succeeded by large triangular Samen Gefäße, containing three rows of flat Samen. The Wurzel is long and schlank, and does nicht run deep in the earth.
It usually wächst in watery Juckreizes, ponds, lakes, and moor sides, which are always overflowed with water.

It Blüten in summer.

It is unter der Herrschaft von the Mond. The würzig bitternesss of the Wurzel of Diese Pflanze bespeaks it a strengthener of the Magen and head, and therefore may fitly be put into any composition of that intention. The Wurzel aufbewahrte may with good success be used by itself, and both the Germans and Türken are very fond of it, and zählen it a great Schutzmittel gegen infectious air, which makes them commonly eat a piece of the aufbewahrte Wurzel fasting. The Blätter having a very grateful Geschmack, are, by some nice cooks, put into sauce for fish.