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This is so well known, that it needs no description, I shall therefore only write the Vorzüge thereof, which are many.
I shall but only add a word or two to what my friend has written, viz. That it is ein Baum von der Sonne, and under the celestial sign Leo, and resisteth Juckreiz very potently, as also all the evils old Saturn can do to the body of man, and they are nicht a few, for it is the speech of one, and I am mistaken if it were nicht Teufel, Donner nor Blitz, will hurt a man in the place where a bay-tree is. Galen sagte, that the Blätter or Rinde do dry and heal very much, and the Beeren more than the Blätter. The Rinde of the Wurzel is less sharp and hot, but more bitter, and hath some astriction withal, whereby it is wirkungsvoll to break the stone, and good to open Behinderungen of the Leber, Milz, and other inward parts, which bring the Wassersucht, Gelbsucht, &c. The Beeren are very wirkungsvoll gegen the poison of giftiges creatures, and the Stiche of wasps and bees, as also gegen the pestilence, or other infectious Beschwerden, and therefore is put into sundry Sirups for that purpose, they likewise procure Monatsregel: and seven of them given to a woman in sore travail of child-birth do cause a speedy Geburt, and vertreiben the after-birth, and therefore nicht to be taken but by such as have gone out their time, lest they procure abortion, or cause labour too soon, they wonderfully help all cold and rheumatic distillations from the brain to the eyes, Lungen, or other parts, and being made into an eßbare Medizin with honey, do help the consumption, old Husten, Kurzatem, and thin Rheuma, as also the Migräne, they mightily vertreiben wind, and provoke urine, help the mother, and kill the Würmer, the Blätter also work the like Wirkungen. A bath of the Dekokt (Abkochung) of the Blätter and Beeren, is singularly good for women to sit in, that are troubled with the mother, or the Beschwerden thereof, or the stoppings of their courses, or for the Beschwerden of the Harnblase, Schmerzen in the Därme by wind, and stopping of urine. A Dekokt (Abkochung) likewise of equal parts of bay-Beeren, cummin-Samen, hyssop, origanum, and euphobium, with some honey, and the head bathed therewith, doth wonderfully help distillation and Rheuma, and settleth the palate of the Mund into its
The oil made of the Beeren is very comfortable in all Erkältungen of the Gelenke, nerves, arteries, Magen, Bauch, or Gebärmutter, and hilft Lähmung, Zuckungen, Krämpfe, aches, trembling and numbness in any part, also weariness, and Schmerzen that come by sore travelling: all Kummer and Schmerzen likewise proceeding from wind, either in the head, Magen, back, Bauch, or Gebärmutter, by anointing the parts affected therewith, and Schmerzen in the ears are also cured by dropping in some of the oil, or by receiving into the ears the warm Dampf of the Dekokt (Abkochung) of the Beeren through a Trichter. The oil takes away the marks of the skin and flesh by Quetschungen, falls, &c. and auflösen the geronnenes Blut in them, it hilft also the Juckreiz, Wundschorf, and wheals, in the skin.