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Vigna unguiculata

Both the garden and field beans are so well known that it saveth me the labour of writing any description of them. Their Vorzüge follow.
They are Pflanzen of Venus, and the destilliertes Wasser of the Blüte of garden beans is good to clean the face and skin from spots and wrinkles, and the meal or Blüte of them, or the small beans doth the same: The water distilled from the grün Hülsen, is held to be very wirkungsvoll gegen the stone, and to provoke urine. Bean Blüte is used in Packungen to assuage Entzündungen arising from Wunden, and the swelling of womens Brust caused by the curdling of their milk, and represseth their milk, flour of beans and Bockshornklee, mixed with honey, and applied to felons, Schwellungen, Quetschungen, or blue marks by blüht, or the imposthumes in the kernels of the ears, hilft them all, and with rose Blätter, frank-incense, and the white of an egg, being applied to the eyes, hilft them that are swollen or do water, or have received any blow upon them, if used with wine. If a bean be parted into two, the skin being taken away, and laid on the place where the leech hath been set that bleedeth too much, stoppt das Bluten. Bean Blüte gekocht to a Packung mit Wein and Essig, and some oil put thereto, easeth both Schmerzen and swelling of the scrotum. The Hülsen gekocht in water to the consumption of a third part thereof, stoppt a lask, and the ashes of the Hülsen made up with old Schweinefett, hilft the old Schmerzen, contusions, and Wunden of the Sehnen, the Ischias and Gicht. The field beans have all oben erwähnten Vorzüge as the garden beans.
Beans eaten are extreme windy meat, but if after the Dutch fashion, when they are half gekocht you husk them and then stew them (I cannot tell you how, for I never was a cook in all my life) they are wholesome food.