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Betula alba

This groweth a goodly groß straight tree, fraught with many boughs, and schlank Zweige bending downward: the old being coloured with discoloured chapped Rinde, and the younger being browner by much. The Blätter at the first breaking out are zerknittert, and afterwards like the beech Blätter, but smaller and grüner, and eingebeult about the edges. It bears short cat-skins, somewhat like those of the hazelnut- tree, which abide on the Zweige a long time, until growing ripe, they fall on the ground and their Samen with them.
It usually groweth in woods.

It is ein Baum of Venus, the Saft of the Blätter, while they are young, or the destilliertes Wasser of them, or the water that comes from the tree being bored with an auger, and distilled afterwards, any of these being drank for some days together, is available to break the stone in the Nieren and Harnblase and is good also to wash sore Munds.