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Ornithopus purpusillus
Kleiner Vogelfuss

This small herb groweth nicht above a span high, with many Zweige spread upon the ground, set with many wings of small Blätter. The Blüten grow upon the Zweige, many small ones of a pale yellow colour being set a-head together, which afterwards turneth into small Gelenked pods, well ähneln the claw of small birds, whence it took its Namen:There is another sort of birds foot in all things like the former, but a larger, the Blüte of a pale whitish red colour, and the pods distinct by Gelenke like the other, but little more crooked, and the Wurzeln do carry many small white knots or kernels amongst the Stiche.

These grow on heaths, and many open untilled places of this land.

They Blüte and Samen in the end of summer.

They belong to Saturn, and are of a drying, binding quality, and therefore very good to be used in wound drinks, as also to apply äußerlich for the same purpose. But the latter birds-foot is found by Erfahrung to break the stone in the back or Nieren, and drives them forth, if the Dekokt (Abkochung) thereof be taken, and it wonderfully hilft the ruptures, being taken innerlich, and äußerlich applied to the

All salts have best operations upon the stone, as Salben and plaisters have upon Wunden, and therefore you may make a salt of this for the stone: the way how to do so may be found in my translation of the London Dispensatory, and it may be I may give it you again in plainer terms at the latter end of this book.