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It is called Syanus, I suppose from the colour of it, hurt-sickle, because it turns the edges of the sickles that reap the corn, blue-blow, corn-Blüte, and blue-bottle.
I shall only describe that which is commonest, and in my opinion most useful, its Blätter spread upon the ground, being of a whitish grün colour, somewhat on the edges like those of corn-scabions, amongst which ariseth up a Stengel geteilt into divers Zweige, beset with long Blätter of a grünish colour, either but very little ineingebeult, or none at all, the Blüten are of a blue colour, whence it took its name, consisting of an innumerable company of small Blüten set in a scaly head, nicht much unlike those of knapweed: the Samen is smooth, bright and shining, wrapped up in a woolly mantle, the Wurzel perisheth every year.

They grow in corn-fields, amongst all sorts of corn (pease, beans, and tares widersprechened.) If you please to take them up from thence, and transPflanze them in your gardens, especially towards the full of the Mond, they will grow more double than they are, and many times change colour.

They Blüte from the beginning of May, to the end of harvest.

As they are naturally cold, dry, and binding, so they are unter der Herrschaft von Saturn. The powder or dried Blätter of the blue-bottle, or corn-Blüte, is given with good success to those that are zerquetscht by a fall, or have broken a vein innerlich, and void much blood at the Mund, being taken in the water of plaintain, horse-tail, or the greater comfrey, it is a Heilmittel gegen the poison of the scorpion, and resisteth all Giftstoffe and Gifte. The Samen or Blätter taken in wine, is very good gegen the plague, and all infectious Beschwerden, and is very good in pestilential fevers. The Saft put into fresh or grüne Wunden, doth quickly solder up the lips of them together, and is very wirkungsvoll to heal all Geschwüre and Wunden in the Mund. The Saft dropped into the eyes takes away the heat and Entzündung of them. The destilliertes Wasser of this herb, hath the same Eigenschaften, and may be used for the Wirkungen vorbenannt.