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Rubus fruticosus

Namen: It is also called blackberry bush, and is so well known that it needs no description, its Vorzüge are as follow.
It is a Pflanze of Venus in Aries. You have directions at the latter end of the book for the gathering of all Kräuter, Pflanzen, &c. The reason why Venus is so prickly is because she is in the house of Mars. The buds, Blätter, and Zweige, while they are grün, are of good use in the Geschwüre and putrid Wunden of the Mund and throat, and for the quinsey, and likewise to heal other fresh Wunden and Wunden: but the Blüten and Frucht unripe are very binding, they are also profitable for the bloody flux and lasks, and a fit Heilmittel for speien of blood. Either the Dekokt (Abkochung) or powder of the Wurzel, being taken, is good to break or drive forth Grieß and the stone in the reins or Nieren. The Blätter and brambles, as well grün as dry, are good lotions for Wunden in the Mund or secret parts, the Dekokt (Abkochung) of them and of the dried Zweige doth much bind the Bauch, and is good for too much flowing of Monatsregel, the Beeren or the Blüten are a powerful Heilmittel gegen the poison of the most giftiges serpents as well drunk, as äußerlich applied, and help the Wunden of the fundament, and the piles, the Saft of the Beeren, mixed with Saft of mulBeeren, do bind more wirkungsvollly, and help quälen and eating Wunden and Geschwüre wheresoever. The destilliertes Wasser of the Zweige, Blätter, and Blüten, or Frucht, is very pleasant in taste, and very wirkungsvoll in fevers and hot distempers of the body, head, eyes, and other parts, and for all the Zwecke vorbenannt. The Blätter gekocht in lye, and the head washed therewith heal the Juckreiz, and the running Wunden thereof, and make the hair black. The powder of the Blätter gestreut on cancers and running Geschwüre, doth wonderfully help to heal them. Some condensate the Saft of the Blätter, and some the Saft of the Beeren, to keep for their use all the year, for the Zwecke vorbenannt.