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Namen: It is called wild-vine, wood-vine, tamus, and ladys seal, the wild is called white-vine, and the black, black-vine.
The common white briony groweth kriechen upon the edges, sending forth many long rough, very tender Zweige at the beginning, with many very rough broad Blätter thereon, cut for the most part into five partitions, in form very like a vine Blatt, but smaller, rougher, and of a whitish or hoary grün colour, ausbreiten very far, and twining with its small claspers, that come forth at the Gelenke with the Blätter, very fast on whatsoever standeth next to it, at the several Gelenke also, especially towards the tops of Zweige, cometh forth a long Stengel bearing many whitish Blüten, together in a long tuft, consisting of small brances each laid open like a star, after which come the Beeren, separated one from another more than a cluster of grapes, grün at the first, and very red when they are thoroughly ripe, of no good Duft, and of a most loathsome taste, provoking vomit. The Wurzel groweth to be exceeding great, with many long twines or Zweige growing from it, of a pale whitish colour on the outside, and more white within, and of a sharp, bitter, loathsome taste.

It groweth on banks, or under hedges, through this land, and the Wurzeln lie very deep.

Es blüht in July and August, some earlier, and some later than others.

They are furious martial Pflanzen, the Wurzeln of briony reinigen the Bauch with great violence, troubling the Magen, and burning the Leber, and therefore nicht rashly to be taken, but, being corrected, are very profitable for the Beschwerden of the head, as falling sickness, Schwindelgefühl, and swimmings, by drawing away much phlegm and rheumatic humours that oppress the head, as also the Gelenke and Sehnen, and therefore good for Lähmung, Zuckungen, Krämpfe and Stiche in the side, and the Wassersucht, and, in provoking urine, they reinigen the reins and Nieren from the Grieß and stone, by opening the Behinderungen of the Milz, and consuming the hardness and swellings thereof. If the Saft be tempered with the meal of vetches or Bockshornklee, or gekocht in oil till it be consumed, it will take away black or blue spots, and Galen affirmeth it is a Pflanze profitable for tanners to thicken their leather hides with. The Wurzel spread upon a piece of sheeps leather, in the manner of a plaister, while it is fresh and grün, takes away black or blue marks, and all scars and deformities of the skin: it breaks hard imposthumes, draws forth Splitter and broken bones, auflösen geronnenes Blut, and, being laid on and used upon the hip or hucklebone, shoulders, arms, or any other part where there is great pain, it takes it away in a short space, and works very wirkungsvoll. The Dekokt (Abkochung) of the Wurzel in wine, drank once a week at going to bed, reinigt the mother, and hilft the rising thereof, vertreibenleth the dead child for fear of abortion, a drachm of the Wurzel in powder taken in white wine bringeth down die Monatsregel, an eßbare Medizin made of the Wurzeln and honey, doth mightily reinigen the chest of rotten phlegm, and wonderfully hilft any old strong cough, those that are troubled with Kurzatem, and is good for them that are zerquetscht innerlich, to help to vertreiben the clotted or geronnenes Blut, the Blätter, Frucht, and Wurzel, do reinigen old and schmutzig Wunden, are good gegen all running and quälende cankers, gangrenes, and tetters, and therefore the Beeren are by some country people called tetterBeeren. The Wurzel reinigt the skin wonderfully from all black and blue spots, freckles, morphew, leprosy, foul scars, or other deformity whatsoever: as also all running Wundschorf and manginess are healed by the powder of the dried Wurzel, or the Saft thereof, but especially by the fine white hardened Saft: the destilliertes Wasser of the Wurzeln worketh the same Wirkungen, but more weakly, the Wurzel zerquetscht and applied of itself to any place where the bones are broken, hilft to draw them forth, as also Splitter and thorns in the flesh: and, being applied with a little wine mixed therewith, it breaketh Schwellungen, and hilft Nagelgeschwür on the Gelenke.
For all these latter complaints, that is to say, Wunden, cankers, &c. apply it äußerlich, and take my advice along with you, you shall find in the Dispensatory, among the Vorbereitungen at the latter end, a mdeicine called ƒœcula brioniœ: take that and use it, (you have the way there how to make it,) and mix it with a little Schweinefett, or other convenient Salbe, and use it at your need.
As for the former Beschwerden, where it must be taken innerlich, it reinigenth very violently, and needs an abler hand to correct it than most country people have, therefore it is a better way for them, in my opinion, to let the simple alone, and take the compound water of it, mentioned in my Dispensatory, and that is far more safe, being wisely corrected.