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Plantago coronopus

This being sown of Samen, riseth up at first with small, long, narrow, hairy, dark grün Blätter like grass, without any division or gash in them, but those that follow are gashed in on both sides the Blätter into three or four gashes, and pointed am Endes, ähneln the knags of a bucks horn, (whereof it took its name) and being well ground round about the Wurzel upon the ground, in order one by another, thereby ähneln the form of a star, from among which rise up divers hairy Stengel about a hands breadth high, bearing every one a long, small, spikey head, like to those of the common Pflanzeain, having such like bloomings and Samen after them. The Wurzel is single, long, and small, with divers strings at it.
They grow in sandy grounds, as in Tothill-fields by Westminster, and divers other places of this land.

They Blüte and Samen in May, June, and July, and their grün Blätter do in a manner abide fresh all the winter.

It is unter der Herrschaft von Saturn, and is of a gallant drying, and binding quality. This gekocht in wine and drank, and some of the Blätter put to the hurt place, is an excellent Heilmittel for the biting of the viper or adder, which I take to be one and the same: The same being also drank, hilft those that are troubled with the stone in the reins or Nieren, by cooling the heat of the parts afflicted, and strengthening them, also weak Magens that cannot retain, but cast up their meat. It stoppt all bluten both at Mund and nose, bloody urine, or the bloody-flux, and stoppeth the lask of the Bauch and Därme. The Blätter hereof zerquetscht and laid to their sides that have an ague, suddenly easeth the fit, and the Blätter and Wurzeln being beaten with some bay-salt and applied to the wrists, worketh the same Wirkungen. The herb gekocht in ale or wine, and given for some mornings and evenings together, stoppt the distillation of hot and sharp Rheuma falling into the eyes from the head, and hilft all sorts of sore eyes.