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Besides the name bugle, it is called middle confound and middle comfrey, brown bugle, and by some sicklewort, and herb-carpenter, though in Essex we call another herb by that Namen:
This hath larger Blätter than those of the self-heal, but else of the same fashion, or rather longer, in some grün on the upper side, and in others more brownish eingebeult about the edges, somewhat hairy, as the square Stengel is also which riseth up to be half a yard high manchmal, with the Blätter set by couples, from the middle almost whereof aufwärts stand the Blüten, together with many smaller and browner Blätter than the rest, on the Stengel below, set at distance, and the Stengel bare between them, among which Blüten are also small ones of a blueish and manchmal of an ash-colour, fashioned like the Blüten of ground-ivy, after which come small, round, blackish Samen. The Wurzel is composed of many strings, and spreadeth upon the ground.
The white Blüteed bugle differeth nicht in form or greatness from the former, saving that the Blätter and Stengel are always grün, and never brown, like the other, and the Blüten thereof are white.

They grow in woods, copses, and fields, generally throughout England, but the white Blüteed bugle is nicht so plentiful as the former.

They Blüte from May until July, and in the mean time perfect their Samen. The Wurzeln and Blätter next thereunto upon the ground abiding all the winter.

This herb belongeth to dame Venus: If the Vorzüge of it make you fall in love with it (as they will if you be wise) keep a syrup of it to take innerlich, an Salbe and plaister of it to use äußerlich, always by you.
The Dekokt (Abkochung) of the Blätter and Blüten made in wine, and taken, löst auf the geronnenes Blut in those that are zerquetscht innerlich by a fall, or otherwise is very wirkungsvoll for any inward Wunden, thrusts, or stabs in the body or Därme: and it is an especial help in all wound-drinks, and for those that are Leber- grown (as they call it.) It is wonderful in curing all manner of Geschwüre and Wunden, whether new or fresh, or old and unverbesserlicher yea, gangrenes and Fisteln also, if the Blätter zerquetscht and applied, or their Saft be used to wash and bathe the place, and the same made into a lotion, and some honey and allum, heilt all Wunden in the Mund and gums, be they never so foul, or of long continuance, and worketh no less powerfully and wirkungsvollly for such Geschwüre and Wunden as happen in the secret parts of men and women. Being also taken innerlich, or äußerlich applied, it hilft those that have broken any bone, or have any member out of Gelenk. An Salbe made with the Blätter of bugle, scabions and sanicle zerquetscht and gekocht in Schweinefett, until the Kräuter be dry, and then strained forth into a pot for such occasions as shall require, it is so singularly good for all sorts of hurts in the body, that none that know its usefulness will be without it.
The truth is, I have known this herb cure some Beschwerden of Saturn, of which I thought good to quote one. Many times such as give themselves much to drinking, are troubled with strange fancies, strange sights in t0he night time, and some with voices, as also with the disease ephialtes, or the mare. I take the reason of this to be (according to Fernelius) a melancholy vapour made thin by excessive drinking strong liquor, so flies up and disturbs the fancy, and breeds imaginations like itself, viz. fearful and troublesome. These I have known cured by taking only two spoonfuls of the syrup of this herb, after supper two hours, when you go to bed. But whether this does it by Sympathie or Antipathie, is some doubt in astrology. I know there is great Antipathie between Saturn and Venus in matter of procreation: yea, such a one that the barrenness of Saturn can be removed by none but Venus, nor the lust of Venus be repelled by none but Saturn, but I am nicht of opinion this is done this way, and my reason is, because these vapours, though in quality melancholy, yet by their flying upward, seem to be something aerial, therefore I rather think it is done by Sympathie, Saturn being exalted in Libra, in the house of Venus.