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Calamintha officinalis

It is called also mountain mint.
It is a small herb, seldom rising above a foot high, with square, hairy, and hölzern Stengel, and two small hoary Blätter set at a Gelenk, about the bigness of marjoram, or nicht much bigger, a little eingebeult about she edges, and of a very fierce or quick Duft, as the whole herb is, the Blüten stand at several spaces of the Stengel, from the middle almost aufwärts which are small and aufgesperrt like the common mint, and of a pale blueish colour, after which follow small, round, blackish Samen, the Wurzel is small and hölzern, with divers small sprigs ausbreiten within the ground, abideth many years.

It groweth on heath, and upland dry grounds in many Regionen of this kingdom.

They Blüte in July, and their Samen is ripe quickly after.

It is an herb of Merkur, and a strong one too, therefore excellent good in all afflictions of the brain, the Dekokt (Abkochung) of the herb, being drunk, bringeth down Monatsregel, and fördert Harn, it is profitable for those that are bursten, or troubled with Zuckungen or Krämpfe, with Kurzatem, or choleric torments or Schmerzen in the Bauch or Magen, it also hilft the Gelbsucht, and being taken in wine stoppt Erbrechen, taken with salt and honey, it killeth all manner of Würmer in the body, it hilft such as have the leprosy, either taken innerlich drinking whey after it, or the grün herb äußerlich applied, it hindereth conception in women, being either burned or gestreut in the chamber, it driveth away giftiges serpents. It takes away black and blue marks in the face, and maketh black scars become well-coloured, if the grün herb be gekocht in wine, and laid to the place, or the place washed therewith: being applied to the huckle-bone, by continuance of time it spendeth the humours which cause the Schmerzen of the Ischias, the Saft, dropped into the ears, killeth Würmer in them, the Blätter, gekocht in wine, and drunk, provoke sweat, and open Behinderungen of the Leber and Milz. It hilft them that have a tertian ague, the body being first reinigend, by taking away the cold fits, the Dekokt (Abkochung) thereof, with some sugar put thereto, is very profitable for those that are troubled with the overflowing of the gall, and also for those that have an old cough, and that are scarce able to Kurzatem of their wind, that have any cold distemper in their Därme, and are troubled with the hardness of the Milz, for all which Zwecke both the powder called diacaluminthes, and the zusammengesetzte Syrup of calamint, (which are to be had at the apothecaries,) are most wirkungsvoll. Let no woman be too busy with it, for it works very violent upon the feminine subject.