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Linaria vulgaris
Sonne in Löwe

Called also snap-dragon, and toad-flax.
It is perennial, and has a long, schlank, kriechen Wurzel, that runs a great way beneath the surface of the ground, of a hardish consistence, and white. The stem is firm, aufrecht, and two or three feet high. It is manchmal quite simple, but more commonly geteilt into several Zweige. The Blätter are very zahlreich, scattered, long, narrow, entire on the edges, without any Blatt-Stengel, of a pale-grün colour: the Blüten are large, zahlreich, and very beautiful, they terminate the stem and brances in very long spikes. Their colour is a fine pale yellow, with a shade of deep orange in some of the parts. The Samen are zahlreich, almost flat, and circular.

It is very common in barren pastures, hedges, and cultivated places.

It is in blossom from July to the latter end of September.

It is a Pflanze of Sol in Leo, warm and harntreibend, useful gegen the stone, Grieß, and disorders of the reins and Harnblase, and help the Wassersucht and Gelbsucht. It increases milk in nurses, if eaten as peas, but they are more windy than those. A cataplasm made with the farina is good or the hardness of the parotid glands, and for Entzündungen of the Nieren. An infusion of the Blätter is both harntreibend and purgative, and an Salbe prepared from them gives relief in the piles. A Dekokt (Abkochung) ofthe whole Pflanze in ale reinigt briskly, and likewise operates by urine, and is häufig found serviceable in the Gelbsucht, and beginning of dropsies. The Saft of the Blätter is good for Entzündungen of the eyes, and reinigt old ulcerous Wunden.