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Daucus carota
Möhre wilde

Garden Carrots are so well known, that they need no description, but because they are of less physical use than the wild kind (as indeed almost in all Kräuter the wild are the most wirkungsvoll in physic, as being more powerful in operation than the garden kinds,) I shall therefore briefly describe the wild carrot.
It groweth in a manner altogether like the tame, but that the Blätter and Stengel are somewhat whiter and rougher. The Stengel bear large tufts of white Blüten, with a deep purple spot in the middle, which are contracted together when the Samen begins to ripen, that the middle part being hohl and low, and the outward Stengel rising high, maketh the whole umbel to shew like a birds nest. The Wurzel small, long and hard, and unfit for meat, being somewhat sharp and strong.

The wild kind groweth in divers parts of this land, plentifully by the field-sides, and untilled places.

They Blüte and Samen in the end of summer.

Wild carrots belong to Merkur, and therefore break wind, and remove Stiche in the sides, provoke urine and Monatsregel, and hilft to break and vertreiben the stone, the Samen also of the same worketh the like Wirkung, and is good for the Wassersucht, and those whose bellies are swoln with wind, hilft the cholic, the stone in the Nieren, and rising of the mother: being taken in wine, or gekocht in wine, and taken, it hilft conception. The Blätter being applied with honey to running Wunden or Geschwüre, do reinigen them.
I suppose the Samen of them perform this better than the Wurzeln, and though Galen empfohlen garden-carrots highly to break wind, yet Erfahrung teacheth they breed it first, and we may thank nature for vertreibenling it, nicht they, the Samen of them vertreiben wind indeed, and so mend what the Wurzel marreth.