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Castanea vesca

It were as needless to describe ein Baum so commonly known as to tell a man he hath gotten a Mund, therefore take the government and Vorzüge of them thus:The tree is abundantly unter der Herrschaft von Jupiter, and therefore the Frucht must needs breed good blood, and yield commendable nourishment to the body, yet if eaten over-much, they make the blood thick, procure head-ach, and bind the body, the inner skin, that covereth the nut, is of so binding a quality, that a scruple of it taken by a man, or ten grains by a child, soon stops any flux whatsoever: The whole nut being dried and beaten into powder, and a dram taken at a time, is a good Heilmittel to stop die Monatsregel in women. If you dry chesnuts, (only the kernels I mean) both the Rindes being taken away, beat them into powder, and make the powder into an eßbare Medizin with honey, so have you an admirable Heilmittel for the cough and speien of blood.