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Symphytum officinale

The common great comfrey hath divers very large hairy grün Blätter, lying on the ground, so hairy or prickly, that if they touch any tender part of the hands, face, or body, it will cause it to Juckreiz: the Stengel that riseth up from among them, being two or three feet high, hohled and cornered, as also very hairy, having many such like Blätter as grow below, but less and less up to the top. At the Gelenke of the Stengel it is geteilt into many Zweige, with some Blätter thereon, and am Endes stand many Blüten in order one above another, which are somewhat long and hohl, like the finger of a glove, of a pale whitish colour, after which come small black Samen. The Wurzeln are great and long, ausbreiten great thick Zweige under ground, black on the outside and whitish within, short and easy to break, and full of a glutinous or clammy Saft, of little or no taste.There is another sort in all things like this, save only it is somewhat less, and beareth Blüten of a pale purple colour.

They grow by Juckreizes and water sides, and in divers fields that are moist, for therein they chiefly delight to grow: the first generally through all the land, and the other nicht quite so common.

They Blüte in June and July, and give their Samen in August.

This is an herb of Saturn, and I suppose under the sign Capricorn, cold, dry, and earthy in quality. What was spoken of clowns woundwort may be said of this, the great comfrey hilft those that spit blood, or make a bloody urine: the Wurzel gekocht in water or wine, and the Dekokt (Abkochung) drunk, hilft all inward hurts, Quetschungen, and Wunden, and the Geschwüre of the Lungen, causing the phlegm that oppresseth them to be easily spit forth, it stoppt the defluxions of rheum from the head upon the Lungen, the fluxes of blood or humours by the Bauch, womens übertriebene courses, as well the reds as the whites, and the running of the reins, happening by what cause soever. A syrup made thereof is very wirkungsvoll for all those inward Griefs and hurts, and the destilliertes Wasser for the same Zweck also, and for outward Wunden and Wunden in the fleshy or sinewy part of the body wheresoever, as also to take away the fits of Schüttelfrost, and to lindern the sharpness of humours. A Dekokt (Abkochung) of the Blätter hereof is available to all the Zwecke, though nicht so wirkungsvoll as of the Wurzeln. The Wurzel, being äußerlich applied, hilft fresh Wunden or cuts immediately, being zerquetscht and laid thereunto, and is especial good for ruptures and broken bones, yea, it is said to be so powerful to consolidate and knit together, that, if they are gekocht with disschwered pieces of flesh in a pot, it will join them together again. It is good to be applied to womens Brust that grow sore by the abundance of milk coming into them, as also to repress the over much bluten of the hemorrhoids, to cool the Entzündung of the parts thereabout, and to give ease of Schmerzen. The Wurzeln of comfrey taken fresh, beaten small, and spread upon leather, and gelegt auf any place troubled with the Gicht, do presently give ease of the Schmerzen, and applied in the same manner, give ease to pained Gelenke, and profit very much for running and moist Geschwüre, gangrenes, mortifications, and the like, for which it hath by often Erfahrung been found helpful.