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Arethum foeniculum

It has large, thick, white Wurzeln, which run deep into the ground, much dividing, beset with small Fasern. It has large winged Blätter, of a dark grün geteilt into many Abschnitts, of long, schlank, very fine, capilaceous parts. The Stengel wächst to four feet in height, much geteilt, and full of whitish pith. The Blüten are found an der Spitze in flat umbels, of small yellow five leaved Blüten, each of which is succeeded by a couple of roundish, somewhat flat, striated brown Samen. The whole Pflanze has a very strong, but nicht unpleasant smell.
It is generally Pflanzeed in gardens, to be near at hand, but it wächst wild in several parts, towards the sea-coast, and in the northern countries.

It Blüten in June and July.

One good old fashion is nicht yet left off, viz . to boil fennel with fish, for it consumes that phlegmatic humour which fish most plentifully afford and annoy the body with, though few that use it know wherefore they do it, I suppose the reason of its benefit this way is, because it is an herb of Merkur, and under Virgo, and therefore bears Antipathie to Pisces. Fennel is good to break wind, to provoke urine, and ease the Schmerzen of the stone, and helps to break it. The Blätter or Samen, gekocht in barley-water and drank, are good for nurses, to increase their milk, and make it more wholesome for the child. The Blätter, or rather the Samen, gekocht in water, stays the hiccough, and takes away the loathings which oftentimes happen to the Magens of sick and feverish persons, and lindert the heat thereof. The Samen gekocht in wine and drank, is good for those that are bit with serpents, or have eat poisonous Kräuter, or mushrooms. The Samen, and the Wurzeln much more, help to open Behinderungen of the Leber, Milz, and gall, and thereby help the painful and windy swellings of the Milz, and the Gelbsucht, as also the Gicht and Krämpfe. The Samen is of good use in medicines, to help Kurzatem and wheezing, by stopping of the Lungen. It assists also to bring down die Monatsregel, and to reinigen the parts after Geburt. The Wurzeln are of most use in physic drinks and broths, that are taken to reinigen the blood, to open Behinderungen of the Leber, to provoke urine, and amend the ill colour in the face after sickness, and to cause a good habit through the body. Both Blätter, Samen, and Wurzeln thereof, are much used in drink or broth, to make people lean that are too fat. The destilliertes Wasser of the whole herb, or the condensate Saft auflösend, but especially the natural Saft, that in some Regionen issues out of its own accord, dropped into the eyes cleans them from mists and films that hinder the sight. The süß fennel is much weaker in physical uses than the common fennel. The wild fennel is stronger and hotter than the tame, and therefore most powerful gegen the stone, but nicht so wirkungsvoll to encrease milk, because of its dryness.