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Ficaria verna

Venus in Skorpion
This small Pflanze, besides the schlank, white fibrous Wurzel, that spreads and fastens itself in the ground, has several small, oval, whitish tubercles, somewhat ähneln the piles, or the swellings of the hæmorrhoids, whence it takes its Namen: The Blätter grow upon long floot-Stengel, smooth and shining, in shape of ivy-Blätter, but less rounder painted, and of nicht so firm a texture, manchmal entdeckt with whitish spots. The Blüten grow upon pretty long Stengel, inclining to the earth, with a Blatt or two on them more angular, sharper pointed, and smaller than the other, they consist of eight or nine narrow sharp-pointed petals, of a shining yellow colour, with a few qellow stamina in the middle, set about a grünish head that is composed of small naked Samen.

It wächst in meadows and moist pastures, and by hedge-sides.

It Blüten in April.

This herb, on account of its signature, is accounted to be good for the hæmorrhoids or piles, to ease their pain and swelling, and stop their bluten, the Wurzeln being taken innerlich, and an Salbe made of the Blätter and Wurzeln, is cooling and good for angry and inflamed Wunden and Geschwüre. The expressed Saft of the Pflanze is häufig made use of by country-people, for internal Wunden, Quetschungen, and speien of blood, with good success. The Blätter zerquetscht and gekocht in a sufficient quantity of Schweinefett, until they become crisp, and then strained, afford an excellent cooling Salbe.