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COMMON parsley
Petroselinum crispum

The Wurzeln of Petersilie are long, thick, and white, having a somewhat wrinkled Rinde, from which spring many shinging, grün, winged Blätter, growing on long foot-Stengel, which are geteilt into three sectins, and each of those subgeteilt into three more, which are triangular and cut in am Endes. The Stengel grow to be about two feet high, much branched and geteilt, they are smooth and striated, and beset with smaller and finer Blätter, and have on their tops small umbels of little, five-leaved, white Blüten, which are succeeded by small, round, striated, brown Samen.
Petersilie is sown in gardens.

It Blüten in summer. The Wurzeln, Blätter, and Samen are used.

It is unter der Herrschaft von Merkur, is very comfortable to the Magen, helps to provoke urine and Monatsregel, to break wind both in the Magen and Därme, and doth a little open the body, but the Wurzel much more. It opens Behinderungen both of Leber and Milz, and is therefore accounted one of the five opening Wurzeln. Galen empfohlen it gegen the falling sickness, and to provoke urine mightily, especially if the Wurzeln be gekocht, and eaten like Parsnips. The Samen is wirkungsvoll to provoke urine and Monatsregel, to vertreiben wind, to break the stone, and ease the Schmerzen and torments thereof, it is also wirkungsvoll gegen the venom of any poisonous creature, and the danger that comes to them that have the lethargy, and is as good gegen the cough. The destilliertes Wasser of Petersilie is a familiar medicine with nurses to give their children when they are troubled with wind in the Magen or Bauch which they call the frets, and is also much available to them that are of great years. The Blätter of Petersilie laid to the eyes that are inflamed with heat, or swollen, doth much help them, if it be used with bread or meal, and being fried with butter, and applied to womens Brust that are hard through the curdling of their milk, it abates the hardness quickly, and also takes away black and blue marks coming of Quetschungen or falls. The Saft thereof dropped into the ears with a little wine, verringert die Schmerzen. Tragus sets down an excellent medicine to help the Gelbsucht and falling sickness, the Wassersucht, and stone in the Nieren, in this manner: Take of the Samen of Petersilie, Fennel, Annise and Carraways, of each an drittel Liter, of the Wurzeln of Petersilie, Burnet, Saxifrage, and Carraways, of each an drittel Liter and an half, let the Samen be zerquetscht, and the Wurzeln washed and cut small, let them lie all night to steep in a bottle of white wine, and in the morning be gekocht in a close earthen vessel until a third part or more be wasted, which being strained and cleared, take four drittel Liters thereof morning and evening first and last, abstaining from drink after it for three hours. This opens Behinderungen of the Leber and Milz, and vertreibt the Wassersucht and Gelbsucht by urine.