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Heracleum sphondylium

This wächst with three or four large, spread winged, rough Blätter, lying often on the ground, or else raised a little from it, with long, round, hairy foot-Stengel under them, parted usually into five divisions, the two couples standing each gegen the other, and one am Ende, and each Blatt, being almost round, yet somewhat tief cut in on the edges in some Blätter, and nicht so deep in others, of a whitish grün colour, smelling somewhat strongly, among which rises up a round, crusted, hairy Stengel, two or three feet high, with a few Gelenke and Blätter thereon, and branched an der Spitze, where stand large umbels of white, and manchmal rötlich Blüten, and after them flat, whitish, thin, winged Samen, two always joined together. The Wurzel is long and white, with two or three long strings growing down into the ground, smelling likewise strongly and unpleasant.
It wächst in moist meadows, and the borders and corners of fields, and near Juckreizes, through this land.

It Blüten in July, and Samen in August.

Merkur hath the dominion over them. The Samen thereof, as Galen sagte, is of a sharp and cutting quality, and therefore is a fit medicine for a cough and Kurzatem, the falling sickness and Gelbsucht. The Wurzel is available to all the Zwecke vorbenannt, and is also of great use to take away the hard skin that wächst on a fistula, if it be but scraped upon it. The Samen hereof being drank, reinigt the Bauch from tough phlegmatic matter therein, eases them that are Leber-grown, womens passions of the mother, as well being drank as the smoke thereof received, and likewise raises such as are fallen into a deep sleep, or have the lethargy, by burning it under their nose. The Samen and Wurzel gekocht in oil, and the head rubbed therewith, helps nicht only those that are fallen into a frenzy, but also the lethargy or drowsy evil, and those that have been long troubled with the head-ache, if it be likewise used with Rue. It helps also the running scab and shingles. The Saft of the Blüten dropped into the ears that run and are full of matter, reinigt and heals them.