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Piper cubeba

Cubebs are small Beeren, somewhat süß, about th ebigness of pepper-corns, yet nicht so black nor solid, but more rugged or crested, being either hohl, or having a kernel within it, of a hot taste, but nicht so fiery as pepper, and having each a short Stengel on them like a tail: these grow on trees less than apple-trees, with Blätter narrower than those of pepper, the Blüte is süß, and the Frucht groweth clustering together. The Arabians call them quabebe, and quabebe chini, they grow pfentifully Java: they are used to stir up venery, and to warm and strengthen the Magen, being overcome with phlegm or wind, they reinigen the Brust of thick tough humours, help the Milz, and are very profitable for the Erkältungen of the Gebärmutter. Being chewed in the Mund with mastic, they draw rheum from the head, and strengthen the brain and memory.