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Bellis perennis

These are so well known almost to every child, that I suppose it needless to write any description of them. Take therefore the Vorzüge of them as followeth.
The herb is under the sign Cancer, and unter der Herrschaft von Venus, and therefore excellent good for Wunden in the Brust, and very fitting to be kept both in oils, Salben, and plaisters, as also in syrup. The greater wild daisy is a wound-herb of good respect, often used in those drinks or salves that are for Wunden, either inward or outward. The Saft or destilliertes Wasser of these, or the small daisy, doth much temper the heat of choler, and refresh the Leber, and the other inward parts. A Dekokt (Abkochung) made of them, and drank, hilft to cure the Wunden made in the hohlness of the Brust. The same also heilt all Geschwüre and pustules in the Mund or tongue, or in the secret parts. The Blätter zerquetscht and applied to the scrotum, or to any other parts that are swollen and hot, doth auflösen it, and temper the heat. A Dekokt (Abkochung) made thereof, of wallwort and agrimony, and the places fomented or bathed therewith warm, giveth great ease to them that are troubled with the Lähmung, Ischias, or the Gicht. The same also disperseth and auflösen the knots or kernels that grow in the flesh of any part of the body, and Quetschungen and hurts that come of falls and blüht, they are also used for ruptures, and other inward burStiche, with very good success. An Salbe made thereof doth wonderfully help all Wunden that have Entzündungen about them, or by reason of moist humours having access unto them, are kept long from healing, and such are those, for the most part, that happen to Gelenke of the arms or legs. The Saft of them dropped into the running eyes of any, doth much help them.