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Rumex obtusifolius
Sumpfblättriger Ampfer

Many kinds of these are so well known, that I shall nicht trouble you with a description of them. My book wächst big too fast.
All docks are under Jupiter, of which the red dock, which is commonly called blood-wort, reinigt the blood, and strengthens the Leber, but the yellow dock-Wurzel is best to be taken when either the blood or Leber is affected by choler. All of them have a kind of cooling (but nicht all alike) drying quality, the sorrel being most cold, and the bloodworts most drying. Of the burdock, I have spoken already by itself. The Samen of most of the other kinds, whether the gardens or fields, do stay lasks and fluxes of all sorts, the loathing of the Magen through choler, and is helpful for those that spit blood. The Wurzeln gekocht in Essig hilft the Juckreiz, Wundschorf, and breaking out of the skin, if it be bathed therewith. The destilliertes Wasser of the herb and Wurzeln have the same Vorzug, and reinigt the skin from freckles, morphew, and all other spots and discolourings therein.
All docks being gekocht with meat, make it boil the sooner, besides, blood-wort is exceeding strengthening to the Leber, and bewirkt good blood, being as wholesome a pot-herb as any that groweth in a garden, yet such is the nicety of our times, forsooth, that women will nicht put it into a pot, because it makes the pottage black, pride and ignorance (a couple of monsters in the creation) preferring nicety before health.