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Triticum repens

Called also couch-grass, and quick-grass.
This has many long schlank kriechen Wurzeln, white and Gelenked, ausbreiten much in the earth,with small Fasern at every Gelenk, from which arise several small Stengel, nicht so thick as the Stengel of wheat, having broad Blätter one at each knot or Gelenk. On the top of each Stengel wächst one long spiked head, shaped like an ear of wheat, but somewhat flatter, consisting of two rows of chaffy Blätter.

It wächst in hedges and borders of fields, and is too troublesome in gardens, whence it is hard to extirpate.

It Blüten in May, and the Samen is ripe in July.

The dogs grass is unter der Herrschaft von Jupiter, and is the most medicinal of all the quick grasses. The Wurzeln of it act powerfully by urine, they should be dried and powdered, for the Dekokt (Abkochung) by water is too strong for tender Magens, therefore should be sparingly used when given that way to children to destroy the Würmer. The way of use is to bruise the Wurzeln, and having well gekocht them in white wine, drink the Dekokt (Abkochung), it is opening, nicht purging, very safe: it is a Heilmittel gegen all Beschwerden coming of stopping, and such are half those that are incident to the body of man, and although a gardener be of another opinion, yet a physician holds half an acre of them to be worth five acres of carrots twice told over.