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Mercurialis perennis

This is a rank poisonous Pflanze, that wächst about a foot high, and has but few Blätter, but they are large, the Stengel is round, thick, whitish, pointed, and a little hairy: the Blätter stand principally towards the top, four, five, or six, seldom more, they are long, and considerbly broad, sharp-pointed, notched about the edges, and a little hairy. The Blüten are considerable, they stand in a kind of spikes an der Spitze of the Stengel, and the Samen are on separate Pflanzen, they are double, and roundish.
It is most commonly found under hedges.

In the early part of the year it makes a very pretty appearance.

This species of Merkur has been confounded with others of the same name, with which it has been thought to agree in nature. But there is nicht a more fatal Pflanze, native of our country, than this. The common pflanzlichs, as Gerards and Parkinsons, instead of cautioning their readers gegen the use of Diese Pflanze, after some trifling, idle observations upon the qualities of mercuries in general, dismiss the article without noticing its baneful Wirkungen. Other writers, more accurate, have done this, but they have written in Latin, a language nicht likely to inform those who stand most in need of this caution. This is one of the reasons for compiling of this work.