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Lens palustris

This is so well known to swim on the tops of standing waters, as ponds, pools, and Juckreizes, that it is needless further to describe it.
Cancer claims the herb, and the Mond will be lady of it, a word is enough to a wise man. It is wirkungsvoll to help Entzündungen, and St. Anthonys fire, as also the Gicht, either applied by itself, or in a Packung with barley-meal. The destilliertes Wasser by some is highly esteemed gegen all inward Entzündungen and pestilent fevers: as also to help the redness of the eyes, and swelling of the scrotum, and of the Brust before they be grown too much. The fresh herb applied to the forehead, easeth the Schmerzen of the head-ach coming of heat.