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This tree is so well known, growing generally in all Regionen of this land, that it is needless to describe it.
Es ist eine kalte und saturnische Pflanze. The Blätter thereof zerquetscht and applied heal grüne Wunden, being bound thereon with its own Rinde. The Blätter or the Rinde used with Essig heilt scurf and leprosy very wirkungsvollly: The Dekokt (Abkochung) of the Blätter, Rinde, or Wurzel, being bathed, heals broken bones. The water that is found in the Harnblases on the Blätter, while it is fresh, is very wirkungsvoll to reinigen the skin, and make it fair, and if cloths be often wet therein, and applied to the ruptures of children, it heilt them, if they be well bound up with a truss. The said water put into a glass, and set into the ground, or else in dung for twenty-five days, the Mund thereof being close stopped, and the bottom set upon a lay of ordinary salt, that the fœces may settle and become clear, is a singular and sovereign balm for grüne Wunden, being used with soft tents: The Dekokt (Abkochung) of the Rinde of the Wurzel fomented, mollifieth hard Tumore, and the shrinking of the Sehnen. The Wurzeln of the elm, gekocht for a long time in water, and the fat arising on the top thereof being clean scummed off, and the place anointed therewith that is grown bald, and the hair fallen away, will quickly restore them again. The said Rinde ground with brine and pickle, until it come to the form of a Packung, and laid on the place pained with the Gicht, giveth great ease. The Dekokt (Abkochung) of the Rinde in water, is excellent to bathe such places as have been burnt with fire.