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Euphrasia officinalis

Sonne in Löwe
Common eyebright is a small low herb, rising up usually but with one blackish grün Stengel a span high or nicht much more, spread from the bottom into sundry Zweige, whereon are small and almost round, yet pointed, dark grün Blätter, finely snipped about the edges, two always set together, and very thick: at the Gelenke with the Blätter, from the middle upward, come forth small white Blüten, eingeweicht with purple and yellow spots, or stripes, after which follow small round heads, with very small Samen therein. The Wurzel is long, small, and thready am Ende.

It wächst in meadows and grassy places in this country.

It is under the sign of the Lion, and Sol claims dominion over it. The Saft or destilliertes Wasser of eye-bright, taken innerlich in white wine or broth, or dropped into the eyes, for divers days together, helps all infirmities of the eyes that cause dimness of sight. Some make conserve of the Blüten to the same Wirkung. Being used any of the ways, it also helps a weak brain, or memory. This tunned up with strong beer, that it may work together, and drank, or the powder of the herb mixed with sugar, a little mace, and fennel-Samen, and drank, or eaten in broth, or the said powder made into an eßbare Medizin with sugar, and taken, has the same powerful Wirkung to help and restore the sight decayed through age, and Arnoldus de Ville Nova says, it has restored sight to them that have been blind a long time before.