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Scrophularia nodosa
Braunwurz knotige

Common great fig-wort sendeth divers great strong, hard, square brown Stengel, three or four feet high, whereon grow large, hard, and dark grün Blätter, two at a Gelenk, harder and larger than nettle Blätter, but nicht stinking, an der Spitzes of the Stengel stand many purple Blüten set in Hülsen, which are manchmal aufgesperrt and open, somewhat like those of water betony, after which come hard, round heads, with a small point in the middle, wherein lie small brownish Samen. The Wurzel is great, white, and thick, with many Zweige at it, growing aslope under the upper crust of the ground, which abideth many years, but keepeth nicht his grün Blätter in winter.
It groweth häufig in moist and shadowy woods, and in the lower parts of fields and meadows.

Es blüht about July, and the Samen will be ripe about a month after the Blüten are fallen.

Some Latin authors call it cervicaria, because it is appropriated to the neck, and we, throatwort, because it is appropriated to the throat. Venus owns the herb, and the Celestial Bull will nicht deny it, therefore a better Heilmittel cannot be for the kings evil, because the Mond that rules the disease, is exalted there. The Dekokt (Abkochung) of the herb taken innerlich, and the zerquetscht herb applied äußerlich, löst auf clotted and geronnenes Blut within the body, coming by any Wunden, bruise or fall, and is no less wirkungsvoll for the kings evil, or any other knobs, kernels, bunches, or wens growing in the flesh wheresoever, and for the hæmorrhoids, or piles. An Salbe made hereof may be used at all times when the fresh herb is nicht to be had. The destilliertes Wasser of the whole Pflanze, Wurzeln and all, is used for the same Zwecke, and drieth up the superfluous virulent Feuchtigkeit of hohl and corroding Geschwüre, it takes away all redness, spots, and freckles in the face, as also the scurf, and any foul deformity therein, and the leprosy likewise.