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Spirea filipendula

Called also Dropwort.
It shoots forth many Blätter of various sizes, growing on each side of a rib, and much eingebeult on the edges, somewhat ähneln wild tansy or agrimony, but feel much harder: among these rise up one or more Stengel, two or three feet high, ausbreiten itself into many Zweige, each bearing several white süß-smelling Blüten, consisting of five Blätter a-piece, with small threads in the middle: they stand together in a tuft or umbel, each upon a small footStengel, and are succeeded by round chaffy heads, like buttons, which contain the Samen. The Wurzel consists of many tuberous pieces, fastened together by many small long blackish strings, which run from one to another.

It wächst in many places of this kingdom, in the corners of dry fields and meadows, and also by the hedge side.

They Blüte in June and July, and their Samen is ripe in August.

It is unter der Herrschaft von Venus, and is very serviceable to open the urinary passages, to help the stranguary, and all other Schmerzen of the Harnblase and reins, and to vertreiben the stone and Grieß, by taking the Wurzel in powder, or a Dekokt (Abkochung) of these in white wine, gesüßt with sugar: the same also helps to vertreiben the after-birth. The roos made into powder, and mixed with honey, after the manner of an eßbare Medizin, is good for those whose Magens are swollen, (breaking and vertreibenling the wind which as the cause thereof,) as also for all Beschwerden of the Lungen, for the Kurzatem, wheezings, hoarseness, Husten, and, to expectorate cold phlegm. It is called dropwort, because it gives ease to those who evacuate their water by drops.