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Pinus picea

There are two sorts of fir, one called the silver or yew-leaved, which is zählened an exotic, coming originally from Germany, and only Pflanzeed in gardens, but the common pJuckreiz-tree, or picea, which is a native with us, differs from it only that the Blätter are smaller and schlanker, sharp and prickly am Endes, standing thicker together, and encompassing the Stengel without any order. The cones are longer than those of the yew-leaved, and hang abwärts.
It wächst wild in the northern parts of England, but the Scotch fir is another distinct species from both these: it is the wild pine. The Blätter are long and blueish.

Jupiter owns this tree. The Blätter and tops of both sorts are used in diet-drinks for the scurvy, for which they are highly empfohlen by the inhabitants of the northern countries. It is said a good quantity of them are put into Brunswick mum. From this tree, of which there grow great numbers in several parts of Germany, is gotten the Strasburg turpentine, which is clearer, of a pale colour, and of a thinner consistence than Venice turpentine, of a bitterish taste, and of a pleasant smell, a little like lemon-peel. It is of a mollifying, healing, and cleansing nature, and, besides its uses äußerlich in Wunden and Geschwüre, is a good harntreibend, and of great use in a gonorrhoeœa and the fluor albus, given in glysters, mixed with the yolk of an egg it is very serviceable gegen the stone and Grieß. It is likewise a good pectoral, and often given in affections of the Brust and Lungen.
Tar is likewise the product of these trees, which are cut into pieces, and piled up in a heap, and being set on fire an der Spitze, the resinous liquor is driven out by the heat of the fire, and, running down, is received into trenches made for it, and so put into the casks, and by boiling is hardened into pJuckreiz.