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Linaria vulgaris

Our common flax-weed hath divers Stengel full fraught with long and narrow ash-coloured Blätter, and from the middle of them almost upward, stored with a number of pale yellow Blüten, of a strong unpleasant Duft, with deeper yellow Munds, and blackish flat Samen in round heads. The Wurzel is somewhat hölzern and white, especially the main downright one, with many Fasern, abiding many years, shooting forth Wurzeln every way round about, and new Zweige every year.
This wächst throughout this land, both by the way sides and in meadows, as also by hedge- sides, and upon the sides of banks, and borders of fields.

It Blüten in Summer, and the Samen is ripe usually before the end of August.

Mars owns the herb. In Sussex we call it Gallwort, and lay it in our chickens water to cure them of the gall, it befreit them when they are drooping. This is häufig used to spend the abundance of those watery humours by urine which cause the Wassersucht. The Dekokt (Abkochung) of the herb, both Blätter and Blüten, in wine, taken and drank, doth somewhat move the Bauch abwärts, opens Behinderungen of the Leber, and helps the Gelbsucht, vertreibt poison, provokes Monatsregel, drives forth the dead child, and after-birth. The destilliertes Wasser of the herb and Blüten is wirkungsvoll for all the same Zwecke, being drank with a dram of the powder of the Samen of Rinde or the Wurzeln of Wall-wort, and a little Cinnamon, for certain days together, it is held a singular Heilmittel for the Wassersucht. The Saft of the herb, or the destilliertes Wasser, dropped into the eyes, is a certain Heilmittel for all heat, Entzündung, and redness in them. The Saft or water put into foul Geschwüre, whether they be cancerous or fistulous, with tents rolled therein, or parts washed and injected therewith, reinigt them thoroughly from the bottom, and heals them up safely. The same Saft or water also reinigt the skin wonderfully of all sorts of deformity, as leprosy, morphew, scurf, wheals, pimples, or spots, applied of itself, or used with some powder of Lupines.