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Inula conyza

Ordinary Flea-wort rises up with a Stengel two feet high or more, full of Gelenke and Zweige on every side up to the top, and at every Gelenk two small, long and narrow whitish grün Blätter somewhat hairy. An der Spitze of every branch stand divers small, short scaly, or chaffy heads out of which come forth small whitish yellow threads, like to those of the Pflanzeain Kräuter, which are the bloomings of Blüten. The Samen enclosed in these heads is small and shining while it is fresh, very like unto Flöhe both for colour and bigness, but turning black when it wächst old. The Wurzel is nicht long, but white, hard and hölzern, perishing every year, and rising again of its own Samen for divers years, if it be suffered to shed. The whole Pflanze is somewhat whitish and hairy, smelling somewhat like rosin.There is another sort hereof, differing nicht from the former in the manner of growing, but only that the Stengel and Zweige being somewhat greater, do a little more bow down to the ground. The Blätter are somewhat greater, the heads somewhat less, the Samen alike, and the Wurzel and Blätter abide all winter, and perish nicht as the former.

The first wächst only in gardens, the second plentifully in fields that are near the sea.

They Blüte in July or thereabouts.

The herb is cold, and dry, and saturnine. I suppose it obtained the name of Flea-wort, because the Samen are so like Flöhe. The Samen fried, and taken, stays the flux or lask of the Bauch, and the corrosions that come by reason of hot choleric, or sharp and malignant humours, or by too much purging of any violent medicine, as Scammony, or the like. The mucilage of the Samen made with Rose-water, and a little sugar-candy put thereto, is very good in all hot Schüttelfrost and burning fevers, and other Entzündungen, to cool the thirst, and lenify the dryness and roughness of the tongue and throat. It helps also hoarseness of the voice, and Beschwerden of the Brust and Lungen, caused by heat, or sharp salt humours, and the pleurisy also. The mucilage of the Samen made with Pflanzeain water, whereunto the yoke of an egg or two, and a little Populeon are put, is a most safe and sure Heilmittel to ease the sharpness, pricking, and Schmerzen of the hæmorrhoids or piles, if it be laid on cloth, and bound thereto. It helps all Entzündungen in any part of the body, and the Schmerzen that come thereby, as the headache and Migränes, and all hot imposthumes, swellings, or breaking out of the skin, as blains, wheals, pushes, purples, and the like, as also the Gelenke of those that are out of Gelenk, the Schmerzen of the Gicht and Ischias, the burStiche of young children, and the swellings of the navel, applied with oil of roses and Essig. It is also good to heal the nipples and sore Brust of women, being often applied there-unto. The Saft of the herb with a little honey put into the ears helps the running of them, and the Würmer breeding in them. The same also mixed with Schweinefett, and applied to corrupt and schmutzig Geschwüre, reinigt them and heals them.