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FRENCH Mercury
Mercurialis annua

This rises-up with a square grün Stengel full of Gelenke, two feet high, or thereabouts, with two Blätter at every Gelenk, and the Zweige likewise from both sides of the Stengel, set with fresh grün Blätter, somewhat broad and long, about the bigness of the Blätter of bazil, finely eingebeult about the edges, towards the tops of the Stengel and Zweige, come forth at every Gelenk in the male Merkur two small, round grün heads, standing together upon a short foot Stengel, which growing ripe, are Samen, nicht having Blüten.The female Stengel is longer, spike-fashion, set round about with small grün Hülsen, which are the Blüten, made small like bunches of grapes, which give no Samen, but abiding long upon the Stengel without shedding. The Wurzel is composed of many small Fasern, which perishes every year at the first approach of winter, and rises again of its own sowing, and if once it is suffered to sow itself, the ground will never want afterwards, even both sorts of it.