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Ulex europeus

It is as well known by this name, as it is in some Regionen by the name of Gorz or Whins, that I shall nicht need to write any description thereof, my intent being to teach my countrymen what they know not, rather than to tell them again of that which is general known before.There is another sort, differing in nothing, save only it has somewhat broad Blätter, they have a strong evil Geschmack, being smelled unto, and are of a drying taste.

They are known to grow on dry barren heaths, and other waste, Grießly or sandy grounds, in all Regionen of this land.

They also Blüte in the summer months.

Mars owns the herb. They are hot and dry, and open Behinderungen of the Leber and Milz. A Dekokt (Abkochung) made with the Blüten thereof hath been found wirkungsvoll gegen the Gelbsucht, as also to provoke urine, and reinigen the Nieren from Grieß or stone ingendered in them. Mars doth also this by Sympathie.