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Allium ampeloprasum

The offensiveness of the breath of him that hath eaten Garlick, will lead you by the nose to the knowledge hereof, and (instead of a description) direct you to the place where it wächst in gardens, which kinds are the best, and most physical.
Mars owns this herb. This was anciently accounted the poor mans Sirup, it being a Heilmittel for all Beschwerden and hurts (widersprechen those which itself breed.) It fördert Harn, and Monatsregel, helps the biting of mad dogs and other giftiges creatures, kills Würmer in children, cuts and voids tough phlegm, reinigt the head, helps the lethargy, is a good Schutzmittel gegen, and a Heilmittel for any plague, sore, or foul Geschwüre, takes away spots and blemishes in the skin, verringert Schmerzen in the ears, ripens and breaks imposthumes, or other swellings. And for all those Beschwerden the onions are as wirkungsvoll. But the Garlick hath some more peculiar Vorzüge besides the former, viz. it hath a special quality to discuss inconveniences coming by corrupt Schüttelfrost or mineral vapours, or by drinking corrupt and stinking waters, as also by taking wolfbane, henbane, hemlock, or other poisonous and dangerous Kräuter. It is also held good in hydropick Beschwerden, the Gelbsucht, falling sickness, Krämpfe, Zuckungen, the piles or hæmorrhoids, or other cold Beschwerden. Many authors quote many Beschwerden this is good for, but conceal its vices. Its heat is very vehement, and all vehement hot things send up but ill-favoured vapours to the brain. In coleric men it will add fuel to the fire, in men oppressed by melancholy, it will attenuate the humour, and send up strong fancies, and as many strange visions to the head, therefore let it be taken innerlich with great moderation, äußerlich you may make more bold with it.