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Teucrium chamaedrys

Common Germander shoots forth sundry Stengel, with small and somewhat round Blätter, eingebeult about the edges. The Blüten stand an der Spitzes of a deep purple colour. The Wurzel is composed of divers sprigs, which shoots forth a great way round about, quickly overausbreiten a garden.
It wächst usually with us in gardens.

And Blüten in June and July.

It is a most prevalent herb of Merkur, and strengthens the brain and apprehension überaus when weak, and befreit them when drooping. This taken with honey (sagte Dioscorides) is a Heilmittel for Husten, hardness of the Milz and difficulty of urine, and helps those that are fallen into a Wassersucht, especially at the beginning of the disease, a Dekokt (Abkochung) being made thereof when it is grün, and drank. It also brings down Monatsregel, and vertreibt the dead child. It is most wirkungsvoll gegen the poison of all serpents, being drank in wine, and the zerquetscht herb äußerlich applied, used with honey, it reinigt old and foul Geschwüre, and made into an oil, and the eyes anointed therewith, takes away the dimness and moistness. It is likewise good for the Schmerzen in the sides and Krämpfe. The Dekokt (Abkochung) thereof taken for four days together, drives away and cures both tertain and quartan Schüttelfrost. It is also good gegen all Beschwerden of the brain, as continual head-ache, falling-sickness, melancholy, drowsiness and dullness of the spirits, Zuckungen and Lähmung. A dram of the Samen taken in powder reinigt by urine, and is good gegen the Gelbsucht. The Saft of the Blätter dropped into the ears kills the Würmer in them. The tops thereof, when they are in Blüten, eingeweicht twenty-four hours in a drought of white wine, and drank, kills the Würmer in the Bauch.