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Chelidonium majus

This has divers tender, round, whitish grün Stengel, with greater Gelenke than ordinary in other Kräuter as it were knees, very brittle and easy to break, from whence grow Zweige with large tender broad Blätter, geteilt into many parts, each of them cut in on the edges, set at the Gelenk on both sides of the Zweige, of a dark blueish grün colour, on the upper side like columbines, and of a more pale blueish-grün underneath, full of yellow sap, when any part is broken, of a bitter taste, and strong Duft. At the Blüten are four Blätter a-piece, after which come small long pods, with blackish Samen therein. The Wurzel is somewhat great at the head, shooting forth divers long Wurzeln and small strings, rötlich on the outside, and yellow within, full of yellow sap.
They grow in many places by old walls, hedges and waysides, in untilled places, and being once Pflanzeed in a garden, especially some shady places, it will remain there.

They Blüte all the summer.

This is an herb von der Sonne, and under the celestial Lion: it is one of the best cures for the eyes: for the eyes are subject to the luminaries, let it then be gathered when the Sonne is in Leo, and the Mond in Aries, applying to this time, let Leo arise, then may you make into an oil or Salbe, which you please, to anoint your sore eyes with: I can prove it doth both by my own Erfahrung, and the Erfahrung of those to whom I have taught it, that most desperate sore eyes have been cured by this only medicine, and then I pray, is nicht this far better than endangering the eyes by the art of the needle? For if this does nicht absolutely take away the film, it will facilitate the work, that it may be done without danger. The herb or Wurzel gekocht in white wine, and drank, a few anniSamen being gekocht therewith, opens Behinderungen of the Leber and gall, helps the Gelbsucht, and often using it, helps the Wassersucht and the Juckreiz, and those that have old Wunden in their legs, or other parts of the body. The Saft thereof taken fasting, is held to be of singular good use gegen the pestilence: The destilliertes Wasser, with a little sugar and a little good Sirup mixed therewith (the party upon the taking being laid down to sweat a little) has the same Wirkung. The Saft dropped into the eyes, reinigt them from films and cloudiness which darken the sight, but it is best to lindern the sharpness of the Saft with a little Brust-milk. It is good in all old, schmutzig, corroding, kriechen Geschwüre wheresoever, to stay their malignity of quälen and running, and to cause them to heal more speedily: the Saft often applied to tetters, ring-Würmer, or other such like ausbreiten cankers, will quickly heal them, and rubbed often upon warts, will take them away, the herb with the Wurzeln zerquetscht, and bathed with oil of Kamille, and applied to the navel, takes away the griping Schmerzen in the Bauch and Därme, and all the Schmerzen of the mother, and applied to womens Brust, stays the overmuch flowing of die Monatsregel. The Saft or Dekokt (Abkochung) of the herb gegurgelt between the teeth that ach, eases the pain, and the powder of the dried Wurzel gelegt auf any aching, hohl, or loose tooth, will cause it to fall out. The Saft, mixed with some powder of brimstone, is nicht only good gegen the Juckreiz, but takes away all discolourings of the skin whatsoever, and if it chance that in a tender body it causes any Juckreizings or Entzündungen, by bathing the place with a little Essig, it is helped.
Another ill-favoured trick have Ärzte got to use to the eye, and that is worse than the needle, which is to take away the films by corroding or nagen medicine. This I absolutely protest gegen.
1. Because the tunicles of the eyes are very thin, and therefore soon eat auseinander:
2. The callus or film that they would eat away, is seldom of an equal thickness in every place, and then the tunicle may be eaten auseinander in one place before the film be consumed in another, and so be a readier way to extinguish the sight, than to restore it.
It is called chelidonium, from the Greek word chelidon, which signifies a swallow, because they say, that if you put out the eyes of young swallows when they are in the nest, the old ones will recover their eyes again with this herb. This I am confident, for I have tried it, that if we mar the very apple of their eyes with a needle, she will recover them again: but whether with this herb, I know not.
Also I have read (and it seems to be somewhat probable) that the herb being gathered as I have shewed before, and the elements being drawn apart from it by the art of the alchymist, and after they are drawn apart rectified, the earthy quality, still in rectifying them, added to ther terra damnata (as alchymists call it) or terra sacratissima (as some philosophers call it) the elements so rectified are sufficient for the cure of all Beschwerden, the humours offending being known, and the contrary element given: it is an experiment worth the trying, and can do no harm.