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Corylus avellana

Hazel Nuts are so well known to every body, that they need no Beschreibung.
They are unter der Herrschaft von Merkur. The parted kernels made into an eßbare Medizin, or the milk drawn from the kernels with mead or honeyed water, is very good to help an old cough, and being parched, and a little pepper put to them and drank, digests the distillations of rheum from the head. The dried Hülsen and shells, to the weight of two drams, taken in red wine, stays lasks and Monatsregel, and so doth the red skin that covers the kernels, which is more wirkungsvoll to stay Monatsregel.
And if this be true, as it is, then why should the vulgar so familiarly affirm, that eating nuts causes Kurzatem, than which nothing is falser? For, how can that which strengthens the Lungen, cause Kurzatem? I confess, the opinion is far older than I am, I knew tradition was a friend to error before, but never that he was the father of slander. Or are mens tongues so given to slander one another, that they must slander Nuts too, to keep their tongues in use? If any part of the Hazel Nut be stopping, it is the Hülsen and shells, and no one is so mad as to eat them unless physically, and the red skin which covers the kernel, you may easily pull off. And so thus have I made an apology for Nuts, which cannot speak for themselves.