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The Latins call them Cinera, only our college calls them Artichocus.
They are unter der Herrschaft von Venus, and therefore it is no marvel if they provoke lust, as indeed they do, being somewhat windy meat, and yet they stay the involuntary course of natural Samen in man, which is commonly called nocturnal pollutions. And here I care nicht greatly if I quote a little of Galens nonsense in his treatise of the faculties of nourishment. He sagte, they contain plenty of choleric Saft, (which notwithstanding I can scarcely believe,) of which he sagte is engendered melancholy Saft, and of that melancholy Saft thin choleric blood. But, to proceed, this is certain, that the Dekokt (Abkochung) of the Wurzel gekocht in wine, or the Wurzel zerquetscht and distilled in wine in an alembic, and being drank, reinigt by urine überaus.