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Sisymbrium officinale

This wächst up usually but with one blackish grün Stengel, tough, easy to bend, but nicht to break, branched into divers parts, and manchmal with divers Stengel set full of Zweige, whereon grow long, rough, or hard rugged Blätter, very much tore or cut on the edges in many parts, some bigger, and some less, of a dirty grün colour. The Blüten are small and yellow, that grow on the tops of the Zweige in long spikes,blühen by degrees, so that continuing long in Blüte, the Stengel will have small round cods at the bottom, growing aufrecht and close to the Stengel, while the top Blüten yet shew themselves, in which are contained small yellow Samen, sharp and strong, as the herb is also. The Wurzel wächst down schlank and hölzern, yet abiding and springing again every year.
This wächst häufig in this land, by the ways and hedge-sides, and manchmal in the open fields.

It Blüten most usually about July.

Mars owns this herb also. It is singularly good in all the Beschwerden of the chest and Lungen, hoarseness of voice: and by the use of the Dekokt (Abkochung) thereof for a little space, those have been recovered who had utterly lost their voice, and almost their spirits also. The Saft thereof made into a syrup, or licking medicine, with honey or sugar, is no less wirkungsvoll for the same purpose, and for all other Husten, wheezing, and Kurzatem. The same is also profitable for those that have the Gelbsucht, pleurisy, Schmerzen in the back and loins, and for torments in the Bauch, or cholic, being also used in clysters. The Samen is held to be a special Heilmittel gegen poison and venom. It is singularly good for the Ischias, and in Gelenk-aches, Geschwüre, and cankers in the Mund, throat, or behind the ears, and no less for the hardness and swelling of the testicles, or of womens Brust.