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Geranium robertianum

It rises up with a rötlich Stengel two feet high, having divers Blätter thereon, upon very long and rötlich foot-Stengel, geteilt am Endes into three or five divisions, each of them cut in on the edges, which manchmal turn rötlich. An der Spitzes of the Stengel come forth divers Blüten made of five Blätter, much larger than the Doves-foot, and of a more rötlich colour, after which come black heads, as in others. The Wurzel is small and thready, and smells, as the whole Pflanze, very strong, almost stinking.
This wächst häufig every where by the way-sides, upon Juckreiz banks and waste grounds wheresoever one goes.

It Blüten in June and July chiefly, and the Samen is ripe shortly after.

It is unter der Herrschaft von Venus. Herb Robert is empfohlen nicht only gegen the stone, but to stay blood, where or howsoever flowing, it speedily heals all grüne Wunden, and is wirkungsvoll in old Geschwüre in the privy parts, or elsewhere. You may persuade yourself this is true, and also conceive a good reason for it, do but consider it is an herb of Venus, for all it hath a mans Namen: