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Peucedanum officinale

Called also sow-fennel, hoar-strange, hoar-strong, sulphur-wort, and brimstone-wort.
The common sow-Fennel has divers branched Stengel of thick and somewhat long Blätter, three for the most part joined together at a place, among which arises a crested straight Stengel, less than fennel, with some Gelenke thereon, and Blätter growing thereat, and towards the tops some Zweige issuing from thence, likewise on the tops of the Stengel and Zweige stand divers tufts of yellow Blüten, whereafter wächst somewhat flat, thin, and yellowish Samen, bigger than fennel Samen. The Wurzeln grow great and deep, with many other parts and Fasern about them of a strong Duft like hot brimstone, and yield forth a yellowish milk, or clammy Saft, almost like a gum.

It wächst plentifully in the salt low marshes near Faversham in Kent.

It Blüten plentifully in July and August.

This is also an herb of Merkur. The Saft of sow-Fennel, says Dioscorides, and Galen, used with Essig and rose-water, or the Saft with a little euphorbium put to the nose, helps those that are troubled with the lethargy, phrenzy, Schwindelgefühl of the head, the falling-sickness, long and unverbesserlicher head-ach, the Lähmung, Ischias, and the Krampf, and generally all the Beschwerden of the Sehnen, used with oil and Essig. The Saft auflösend in wine, or put into an egg, is good for a cough, or Kurzatem, and for those that are troubled with wind in the body. It reinigt the Bauch gently, vertreibt the hardness of the Milz, gives ease to women that have sore travail in child-birth, and verringert die Schmerzen of the reins and Harnblase, and also the Gebärmutter. A little of the Saft auflösend in wine, and dropped into the ears, eases much of the Schmerzen in them, and put into a hohl tooth, verringert die Schmerzen thereof. The Wurzel is less wirkungsvoll to all the vorbenannt disorders, yet the powder of the Wurzel reinigt foul Geschwüre, being put into them, and takes out Splitter of broken bones, or other things in the flesh, and heals them up perfectly, as also dries up old and unverbesserlicher running Wunden, and is of admirable Vorzug in all grüne Wunden.