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Ilex aquifolium

For to describe ein Baum so well known is needless.
The tree is Saturnine. The Beeren vertreiben wind, and therefore are held to be profitable in the cholic. The Beeren have a strong faculty with them, for if you eat a dozen of them in the morning fasting when they are ripe and nicht dried, they reinigen the body of gross and clammy phlegm: but if you dry the Beeren, and beat them into powder, they bind the body, and stop fluxes, bloody-fluxes, and die Monatsregel in women. The Rinde of the tree, and also the Blätter, are excellently good, being used in fomentations for broken bones, and such members as are out of Gelenk. Pliny sagte, the Zweige of the tree defend houses from lightning, and men from Juckreiz.

Marubium vulgare
There are two kinds of Horehound, the white and the black. The black sort is likewise called Hen-bit, but the white one is here spoken of.

Common Horehound wächst up with square hairy Stengel, half a yard or two feet high, set at the Gelenke with two round zerknittert rough Blätter of a sullen hoary grün colour, of a reasonable good Duft, but a very bitter taste. The Blüten are small, white, and aufgesperrt, set in a rough, hard prickly husk round about the Gelenke, with the Blätter from the middle of the Stengel upward, wherein afterward is found small round blackish Samen. The Wurzel is blackish, hard and hölzern, with many strings, and abides many years.

It is found in many parts of this land, in dry grounds, and waste grün places.

It Blüten in July, and the Samen is ripe in August.

It is an herb of Merkur. A Dekokt (Abkochung) of the dried herb, with the Samen, or the Saft of the grün herb taken with honey, is a Heilmittel for those that are short-winded, have a cough, or are fallen into a consumption, either through long sickness, or thin distillations of rheum upon the Lungen. It helps to expectorate tough phlegm from the chest, being taken from the Wurzeln of Iris or Orris. It is given to women to bring down their courses, to vertreiben the after-birth, and to them that have taken poison, or are stung or bitten by giftiges serpents. The Blätter used with honey, reinigen foul Geschwüre, stay running or kriechen Wunden, and the growing of the flesh over the nails. It also helps Schmerzen of the sides. The Saft thereof mit Wein and honey, helps to clear the eyesight, and snuffed up into the nostrils reinigt away the yellowGelbsucht, and with a little oil of roses dropped into the ears, verringert die Schmerzen of them. Galen sagte, it opens Behinderungen both of the Leber and Milz, and reinigt the Brust and Lungen of phlegm: and used äußerlich it both reinigt and digests. A Dekokt (Abkochung) of Horehound (sagte Matthiolus) is available for those that have hard Lebers, and for such as have Juckreizes and running tetters. The powder hereof taken, or the Dekokt (Abkochung), kills Würmer. The grün Blätter zerquetscht, and gekocht in old Schweinefett into an Salbe, heals the biting of dogs, abates the swellings and Schmerzen that come by any pricking of thorns, or such like means, and used with Essig, reinigt and heals tetters. There is a syrup made of Horehound to be had at the apothecaries, very good for old Husten, to rid the tough phlegm, as also to void cold Rheuma from the Lungen of old folks, and for those that are asthmatic or short-winded.