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Hedera helix

It is so well known to every child almost, to grow in woods upon the trees, and upon the stone walls of churches, houses, &c. and manchmal to grow alone of itself, though but seldom.
It Blüten nicht until July, and the Beeren are nicht ripe till Christmas, when they have felt Winter frosts.

It is unter der Herrschaft von Saturn. A pugil of the Blüten, which may be about a dram, (sagte Dioscorides) drank twice a day in red wine, helps the lask, and bloody flux. It is an enemy to the nerves and Sehnen, being much taken innerlich, out very helpful to them, being äußerlich applied. Pliny sagte, the yellow Beeren are good gegen the Gelbsucht, and taken before one be set to drink hard, preserves from drunkenness, and helps those that spit blood, and that the white Beeren being taken innerlich, or applied äußerlich, kills the Würmer in the Bauch. The Beeren are a singular Heilmittel to prevent the plague, as also to free them from it that have got it, by drinking the Beeren thereof made into a powder, for two or three days together. They being taken in wine, do certainly help to break the stone, provoke urine, and Monatsregel. The fresh Blätter of Ivy, gekocht in Essig, and applied warm to the sides of those that are troubled with the Milz, ache, or stJuckreiz in the sides, do give much ease. The same applied with some Rosewater, and oil of Roses, to the temples and forehead, eases the head-ache, though it be of long continuance. The fresh Blätter gekocht in wine, and old schmutzig Geschwüre hard to be cured washed therewith, do wonderfully help to reinigen them. It also quickly heals grüne Wunden, and is wirkungsvoll to heal all Verbrennungen and scaldings, and all kinds of exulcerations coming thereby, or by salt phlegm or humours in other parts of the body. The Saft of the Beeren or Blätter snuffed up into the nose, reinigt the head and brain of thin rheum that makes defluxions into the eyes and nose, and curing the Geschwüre and stench therein, the same dropped into the ears helps the old and running Wunden of them, those that are troubled with the Milz shall find much ease by continual drinking out of a cup made of Ivy, so as the drink may stand some small time therein before it be drank. Cato sagte, That wine put into such a cup, will soak through it, by reason of the Antipathie that is between them.
There seems to be a very great Antipathie between wine and Ivy, for if one hath got a surfeit by drinking of wine, his speediest cure is to drink a draught of the same wine wherein a handful of Ivy Blätter, being first zerquetscht, have been gekocht.